How To Create VTU App That Sell Data And Airtime Online

A lot of people want fast and easy way to sell data and airtime online for their customers, having your own VTU App that sell data and airtime online is the best way to over take the VTU Business Telecom Market.

In this tutorial, you will learn step by step guide to create your own VTU Website and VTU App you can put on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Not to worry, you don’t have to fund the API account separately.

Before you can achieve this having VTU App with our VTU Script Software, you need to first have your VTU Website with our script software. See our guide on how to create VTU website from scratch without coding.

However, Mobile App Development is diverse and complicated building from scratch if you are not a full stack App Developer. There are two types of Mobile App Development.

  • Native App Development.
  • Web App Development.

Native App Development is building your App from scratch with lines of code using different programming languages for it and hosting it on firebase and cloud.

You may also need a UI/ UX designer to create the visual representation of the App before coding.

There are a lot of things to get full understanding of, before you can create a native app for both Android and iOS (iPhone).

Here in this tutorial, we will work you through creating Web App and you don’t really need to get your hands on codes to create web app for your VTU App.

All you need is your existing VTU website (live) and you be able to convert your website to App in minutes using the method we will show you here.

Other thing you will need to know, is how to upload your App on Google Play Store so users can download/ install.

There are platforms that can help you convert your website to App by just inserting your URL to the platform.

Most of this platform or website are wrecked and some are super responsive and user friendly to work with.

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